In a recent op-ed for Modern Distribution Management, long-time distributor consultant Steve Epner wrote about how not only is Lean Six Sigma more than a passing trend, it is — for the companies who understand it, at least — a means by which to survive and thrive.

Epner interviewed fellow consultant and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Kristin Parshay, who told him that the principles of Lean Six Sigma are all about making sure that everything you do adds value and is done effectively. With a focus on the customer, Parshay explained, every process requires employees to understand who their customers are and what their customers need. This causes a shift in how everyone in the company treats each other, and how they view their responsibilities.

A customer’s requirements translate into important data that provides an understanding as to how well the company is performing. Wasteful activities are then easier to recognize and eliminate, Parshay wrote. As Lean Six Sigma pursues perfection, companies survive and thrive with a core of continuous improvement. These are the reasons behind Lean Six Sigma’s proven success in reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction and motivating employees in companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Therefore, Epner wrote, obtaining a black belt certification continues to be one of the tools in a successful business. If you’re interested in knowing how you can obtain Lean Six Sigma black belt certification and begin providing powerful knowledge that will improve the way your company operates, Thomas Pyzdek can help.

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