Perhaps your company is ready to make the commitment toward excellence. Excellence in policies, excellence in operations, excellence in revenues. But to make this commitment, the question, how many experts are needed to embark on a Lean journey, is commonly asked with varying opinions on many sides. Lean Six Sigma training leads to becoming either a Green or Black Belt in specialized education and training, hence an expert is born. The Green Belt or Black Belt can then enter a business and observe its operations and track problems, hurdles, and set-backs toward achieving sustainable, long-term excellence.

But opinions are both pro and con on the subject of how many experts are needed. For some, the opinion is having a Lean expert on board is crucial for the success of the operational strategy created by top company management. Some feel the exact number of needed experts and resources is more an art than a science. Every company has different parts to the puzzle; some have strong leaders who can teach and train as the plan progresses, while other companies have strong, top mangers but “weak links” below. These weak links must be identified as those are more a liability, not an asset.

There are others who feel strongly no experts are needed to achieve excellence as the employees themselves know how the company works better than anyone who may come from the outside looking in. But this opinion may prove that failure in the plan could be the end result without an expert team on board.

Most opinions concur that first, CEOs and top management need to quantify what it is they want to accomplish, secondly realize this will require resources and a commitment, and thirdly with a Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt team sustainable excellence is an attainable goal.

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