HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in Canada and the United States, recently announced that it has implemented Lean Six Sigma practices and principles to its manufacturing facility. The company, which builds and customizes diesel generators and natural gas or alternative fuels sets, says that there already has been an overall decrease in waste and a substantial improvement in on-time delivery since the process of implementing Lean Six Sigma began.

According to HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ chief operating operator, Sam Silva, there’s no room for error in the industry’s competitive environment. Adopting Lean Six Sigma was a way for the company to give the world “a formal declaration to our commitment to excellence,” Silva said, and to meet the company’s goals of exceeding customer expectations while improving its products. Silva added that Lean Six Sigma trains the focus of the company on developing top-quality products through the identification of the seven types of waste — transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, over-production and defects — as well as quality problems.

Lean Six Sigma training is proving its worth to companies and employees alike. While reducing waste and increasing quality, such as the experience HIPOWER SYSTEMS recently discussed, training in these principles and practices will lead to higher salaries for those who become certified. Why? Because a typical Six Sigma black belt will bring to his or her company $1 million in improvements. That’s the kind of value that most companies would gladly pay a bit more for.

With training from the Pyzdek Institute, you not only have an important, wage-increasing item on your resume, but you also have the credibility of being trained by the author of The Six Sigma Handbook in an accredited program that teaches you the newest and most productive approaches and fosters your growth through a required course project.

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