Doing business in today’s environment has become a challenge. With seemingly daily changes in technology, data management demands and a customer base that spends the better part of its day online, businesses are faced with finding ways to not only maintain profits, but also cut the costs of new market demands. Many companies are seeking out applicants who are Lean Six Sigma  certified in hopes of becoming more efficient and cost effective.

Sun Life Financial has introduced a system of management based solely on the principles of Lean Six Sigma . By creating positions such as Process Director and Senior Business Process Consultant, Sun Life is looking for ways to identify opportunities to make improvement in the way they do business. According to Andre Gonthier, senior recruiting consultant for Sun Life:

“These are very important roles … and it sounds like a cliché, but it’s about taking us to the next level. We believe that this is providing real value to how Sun Life does business.”

In recent years Medicare and private health insurance companies have cut the price they pay clinical laboratories to perform research testing. As a result, laboratories nationwide are taking aggressive steps to cut costs. The use of Lean Six Sigma principles to improve processes and cut cost has begun to gain a lot of interest as a way to eliminate waste.

As techniques originally used in manufacturing (Lean at Toyota, Six Sigma at General Electric), the detailed approaches to solving problems and improving quality and efficiency are in big demand across all sectors of business.

 Lean Six Sigma is a philosophy that aims to increase performance, eliminate waste and improve processes that will benefit the organization. Companies are diligently looking for applicants who can analyze their operation, and identify areas of waste and streamline the way they do business.

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