PCI take a “no bull” approach to Six Sigma. We believe that you take Six Sigma seriously, and so do we. We bring professionals to your organization, not cowboys who claim to know more about your business than you do. Our approach is based on a deep understanding Six Sigma gleaned from the lessons we’ve learned from our past experience, and from solid academic research into the experience of thousands of other companies. This background has resulted in a proven approach, which we briefly summarize here:

  1. We start by providing senior leadership with the principles and tools they need to prepare their organization for success. Using their newly acquired knowledge, senior leaders direct the development of a management infrastructure to support the new initiatives. Simultaneously, steps are taken to “soft-wire” the organization to cultivate an environment for innovation and creativity. I.e., we help you create a group of highly trained change agents to work on transforming your organization from its current state to the state your leadership envisions.
  2. Systems are developed for establishing close communication with customers, employees, and suppliers.
  3. Training needs are rigorously assessed and a training plan developed.
  4. A framework for continuous process improvement is developed, along with a system of indicators for monitoring progress and success. These indicators are derived from and linked to your strategies. Identifying those indicators that will differentiate you from your competition are emphasized.
  5. Using these differentiators and input from key stakeholders, business processes to be improved are identified.
  6. Six Sigma projects are conducted to improve business performance linked to measurable financial results.
  7. Projects are pursued by individual employees and groups of employees. The end result: an organization where change and innovation focused on stakeholders is a way of life. We call this type of organization a Spontaneous Enterprise™, and the approach we use to reach this vision the PCI Pyramid of Success™. The Pyramid of Success is depicted graphically below.
PCI's Pyramid of Success
PCI’s Pyramid of Success

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