The Pyzdek Institute offers high-quality, valued Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training that range from a White Belt, simply learning the basic concepts including vocabulary, to a Black Belt, in which you are leading projects of your own. Through a program specifically designed by Thomas Pyzdek himself, students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and certification to move forward successfully and profitably in any career field.

3 Unique Aspects of the Pyzdek Institute

Developed Exclusively by Thomas Pyzdek

The Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training available via the Pyzdek Institute is exclusively engineered, designed, and administered by Thomas Pyzdek. As an internationally known trainer, author, and consultant with more than forty years in quality and process improvement experience, Pyzdek has asserted himself as one of the leading trailblazers in Six Sigma, providing assurance in the value of his training program.

Online Training

While some students may be hesitant regarding the dependability and usefulness of an online training program, The Pyzdek Institute offers a tailored program which provides one-on-one tutoring for students experiencing difficulties with any aspect of the program.

The Pyzdek Institute also offers software licenses, textbooks, and continuous support at no additional fee, all included within the price of the course. This allows students to focus solely on their education and new career path.

One of the Pyzdek Institute graduates stated, “I’ve been taking the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course at the Pyzdek Institute and it has been a truly rewarding experience. Not only is the course material very well structured and easy to digest, but it will also allow you to drive projects successfully. There is a vast amount of tools, templates and information that you will definitely use lots, when working as a belt. I can highly recommend this course and hope people sign up.” – Patrick Muhl, Denmark.

Certified in a Fraction of the Time

By offering high-quality, individual training and attention, The Pyzdek Institute guarantees certification in a short span on time. Not only are students educated with application to move forward in their chosen fields, but they now move forward with an official certification via testing directly through The Pyzdek Institute.

Graduates are also fully capable and have proven in the past to have successfully passed third-party exams from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, ASQ, and the International Quality Federation

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