Errors rob your company of money. Money you could use to hire workers, increase wages, add new benefits, purchase new equipment, and more. You probably don’t even see the loss. But every time one of your employees inadvertently makes a mistake, it is there.

So what do you do?

Look into Lean Six Sigma. It takes less than 30 seconds to see how Lean Six Sigma can help you in three ways. Specifically:

  • Lean flow eliminates waste
  • Six Sigma is driven by quality
  • Together as Lean Six Sigma they achieve quality without waste

That’s it. Now actually learning, developing, and implementing a Lean Six Sigma program takes a lot more time than a mere 30 seconds. However, the concept is not that difficult to understand.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a little more information about how your organization can eliminate waste and drive quality. Focus on:

  • Wait Time. Delays due to wasted time between steps occur in every business. But there are numerous tools available to reduce this idle time and increase overall speed. Consider how this fleet management tool from inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc. helped reduce average idle time by 53 percent and carbon emissions by 30 percent.
  • Poor Quality. Defects in products destroy customer confidence. Meeting quality standards can’t be a sometime thing. When the waitperson gets your meal wrong or the airline loses your bag, your next decision about where to eat or which airline to fly is influenced. 
  • Variation. Deviating from customer specifications or expectations results in unhappy customers. Whether it is a promise to deliver a part on a specific date or to manufacture it with a defined tolerance, work that falls outside the defined parameters may result in a damaged reputation.

Lean Six Sigma is about reducing all the day-to-day errors in your business operations by eliminating – or at least reducing – delays, defects, and extreme deviation.

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