7 “how-to” Ways Six Sigma Training Can Benefit My Company

Article Revised: March 28, 2019

Six Sigma Training Can Benefit My Company

Six Sigma Training was developed by Thomas Pyzdek, author of The Six Sigma Handbook. Six Sigma is a comprehensive approach for improving any business process. Utilizing the Six Sigma methodology has been proven to help companies from a large variety of industries to reach their goals, and achieve higher efficiency. Below you will learn 7 how-to ways Six Sigma can benefit your company.

  • Six Sigma is focused on the Customer
  • You can apply Six Sigma to any organization
  • It leverages everyone in the organization (leaders on down) to play a part in the success.
    • Everyone in the organization plays a key role in the Six Sigma process
  • It adds skills to everyone’s toolbox
    • Six Sigma provides a new set of skills for everyone within the organization
  • The methodology and be customized to fit your organization
    • Six Sigma is not a 1 size fits all. The process of Six Sigma is customized to fit the needs of the organization
  • It attacks the hidden costs (the iceberg)
    • Organizations understand the true costs of poor quality of their processes
  • It improves the process in large chunks
    • The Six Sigma Process can be broken down to better manage the changes

Six Sigma concepts and methodologies uses a data driven approach for improving quality, increase customer satisfaction and build loyalties. As the organization learns how to achieve a certain level of quality within one area, they transfer that knowledge to other areas of the organization until all processes have been optimized.

If you are interested in Six Sigma Certification and Training, contact Pyzdek Institute today!


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