Until you have committed to the Lean Six Sigma process it can be hard to understand exactly how life changing it can be for companies and businesses. When considering if Six Lean Sigma is right for an organization we often get asked the five big questions. Today we are here with answers.

Who? Thomas Pyzdek is an acknowledged leader of Lean Six Sigma. We often joke that he wrote the book on the industry, because that is just what he did! He was been working for over forty years to create long-term success for organizations around the world. Today he continues to create, write and publish the the industry standard on business efficiency.

What? An innovative and time-tested program to increase productivity, quality and increased profits. Lean Six Sigma concentrates on eliminating waste, not cutting corners. Production should be faster, cheaper and better, and Lean Six Sigma concentrates on every aspect for improvement.

Where? Anywhere you are! Our training courses are available online, and training materials are available in our online store. But we would never want to leave you feeling alone, and we are proud to offer online coached training alongside our many other resources.

Why? Lean Six Sigma is focused on ridding your organization of the Seven Types of Waste. By identifying and addressing the exact areas in need of improvement, Lean Six Sigma is able to tackle the big issues head on.

When? Why not now? We are enrolling now. There has never been a better time to start on the path that will lead you to the Black Belt in your future.

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