Vertellus Specialties Inc., a chemical company headquartered in Indianapolis, announced recently that it intends to have 25 percent of its salaried staff obtain Six Sigma training by the end of 2014. The company stated that future training will encompass all of the company’s approximately 800 employees, at all levels of the organization.

The company — which creates key ingredients used in nutrition, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, personal care, plastics, and a number of other industrial markets — reported that it is already seeing significant benefits from an initial round of Six Sigma training that was offered in 2013. Some of those ongoing projects include variation reduction, scheduling, cycle time improvement, flow of information, and others. The benefits, the company stated, include higher efficiency, higher purity, greater participation in environmentally sound practices, lower costs, and the increased supply of Vertellus products in the market due to greater throughput.

In every industry, companies are discovering the importance of Six Sigma training to increase efficiency and reduce waste. What results is a better performing company that is more able to meet the needs of its customers. While the benefits to a company of having employees who are trained in Six Sigma include substantial savings, the benefits to an employee who has this training include the ability to make more money. According to a December 2011 ASQ survey, employees who became certified Six Sigma Black Belts earn an average of $16,500 more a year than their non-certified counterparts.

If you’re a company who wants Six Sigma employees in order to realize the benefits of efficiency and reduced waste, or if you’re an employee wishing to up the ante with a valuable — and extremely marketable skill — we can help.

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