Any business process where the results or output can be measured, can be improved through the statistical analytics of Six Sigma Training.

With the help of control charts, design experiments and other proven process engineering tools, Six Sigma Training will help move your business or career forward at maximum speed by teaching you to define, measure, analyze, improve and control your business or production processes.

The Process Excellence methods employed by Thomas Pyzdek, enable you to standardize processes and eliminate waste, thus ensuring optimal results. In addition to reducing waste, Six Sigma Training can lead to a reduction in the time required to produce a product, and make it less likely that the finished product will need to be reworked.

The success of Process Excellence relies not only on the skill with which it is applied, but also on how suitable or amenable the process under consideration is. As a business owner or production executive, it may be difficult to judge which processes will profit from the application of the engineering methods outlined by Six Sigma technology. Six Sigma training will help you identify those processes that will benefit from Process Excellence practices.

Lean Six Sigma is a modified Six Sigma methodology that helps you focus your production efforts on improving performance and systematically eliminating waste. Areas of waste addressed include: defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion and extra-processing. Any use of resources that doesn’t create value is eliminated with the Lean Six Sigma system.

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