Continuous Process Improvement Symposiums, sponsored by California State University at Northridge, has announced that their first posthumous Lifetime Fox Award will honor quality improvement legend Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming’s award will be accepted by the Deming Family. It is scheduled for presentation on November 18, 2011 during the 2011 CSI symposium which runs from November 17-19.

A Fox Award for Lifetime Achievement will also be presented to Thomas Pyzdek. Considered a world authority on quality and Six Sigma, Thomas Pyzdek has written over 50 works, including such classics as The Six Sigma Handbook, The Quality Engineering Handbook, and The Handbook for Quality Management. Pyzdek’s work is widely acclaimed for its ability to make the seemingly complex subject of process excellence understandable. Pyzdek’s works have been studied by hundreds of thousands in their preparation for various certification exams. He is also a skilled trainer, hired by industry leaders worldwide to aid in their process excellence programs.

The CPI Symposium’s primary emphasis is to bring continuous improvement methods, including Lean, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma, to light in an integrative, synergistic approach. It is also the occasion for the presentation of the prestigious Robert E. Fox awards. Lifetime honorees for the Fox Award are considered living role models in the field of organizational Continuous Improvement. This award recognizes those outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit and inventiveness have improved our society and inspired others. The Fox Awards Review Board selects individuals they feel have contributed significantly to this endeavor, either with the creation, or passionate propagation, of breakthrough concepts. Past Lifetime Recipients include: Steven R. Covey, Peter Senge, Joel Barker, and others.

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