Liberal arts graduates have two strengths that those in the scientific field often do not: a way with people and a mind for business. Why not put those skills to good use? We want to help you get a better job with your non-STEM degree, and it begins with earning a Lean Six Sigma certification.

So what can you do with this certification?

  • Earning a Six Sigma Black Belt qualifies you to lead projects, assist businesses in maximizing efficiency, and to do it without help from another Six Sigma expert.
  • While a Six Sigma Black Belt can exercise the most freedom, there are three lower levels of certification (White, Yellow, and Green Belt) which involve cooperation with more advanced members of the Six Sigma team. You’re free to engage in the training program at your own pace.

Here’s why you should be interested:

  • The Six Sigma system will provide you with a career. According to the ASQ 2015 Salary Survey, certified Six Sigma Black Belts earn on average $21,685 more than their non-certified counterparts. According to, the median income for a certified Six Sigma Black Belt is $99,046.
  • Becoming a part of the Six Sigma team is convenient. All Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma training programs and projects are conducted online, which means you can work from virtually anywhere.
  • Your hard work pays off. Give us one hour a day, and in as little as six months you can earn the title of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. A Green Belt certification takes even less time.
  • You will find this work of immense value, both financially and personally. Six Sigma projects depend on the “soft” people skills at which liberal arts majors excel. Collaborating with businesses and organizations, you will play a major part in facilitating their success.

You think differently than a technical professional. This gives you a unique advantage in assuring a company’s success outside of impersonal number crunching. Working closely with businesses and organizations, you will create personalized plans to maximize potential while ensuring the product or service retains its quality. The work is rewarding as much as it is profitable.

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