Thirty-seven employees of Deceuninck North America recently obtained Six Sigma training and green belt certification at the company’s Ohio headquarters, and five of those employees will go on to obtain their black belt Six Sigma certification, according to a company press release. During the training, the employees created actual customer-focused improvement projects that will reduce process cycle time, increase the use of recycled materials, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Deceuninck North America is part of the global Deceuninck Group, which produces vinyl window and door systems and composite applications for the building industry. The company has over 500 distribution points across the country and also ships its products around the world. The company states that it is committed to energy efficiency and sustainability through the use of durable vinyl.

This is yet another successful company who has turned to Six Sigma in order to reduce waste and increase both efficiency and customer satisfaction in their business. Six Sigma green belts are able to serve as team leaders on Six Sigma projects, to form and facilitate teams and manage projects from concept to completion. Six Sigma black belts are employed full time with overseeing cross-functional projects. They are actively involved in changing and improving the organization through the Six Sigma projects that are implemented.

If you’re interested in improving your career potential through Six Sigma training or improving your business by having green or black belt certified employees, you can obtain that training online from Thomas Pyzdek — the author of the Six Sigma Handbook, which has been used by thousands worldwide in order to learn this successful business approach.

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