There are a lot of credentials that a top candidate needs to have to be successful in your company. The right personality, academic training, and references will all make a difference to how well someone performs their job. But to move your company forward, you need to look past the basic credentials necessary to fill a role and consider the bigger picture at how a particular individual can drive your company forward by improving your business from the ground up. Here are some ways that hiring even one Six Sigma Green Belt can make a big difference in your company:

  • Announce a need for change: Six Sigma is a change program and by hiring or training a Six Sigma Green Belt you are saying that you recognize the need for change and that you will not settle for the status-quo.
  • Recognize areas that need improvement: When you have a Six Sigma Green Belt on your team, you have a highly skilled person who can help you identify opportunities for improvement. You already know about many problems and areas that need to be improved, but your Six Sigma Green Belt will help you prioritize and define these opportunities.
  • A skilled leader: Once you have your priorities, your Six Sigma Green Belt will lead projects to address them. He or she will report to you so that you can stay on top of things and help when needed.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty: Your customers will know that you are serious about improving. This will help you improve sales and address your customers’ biggest concerns. It also gives you a person who can work directly with customers to make improvements that matter to them.
  • Create value streams: Value streams are integrated work processes that minimize waste and ensure the timely delivery of top-quality goods to customers. Your Six Sigma Green Belt can help you create value streams that will benefit you and your customers.

Six Sigma Green Belts can’t do everything on their own, but they can do 80% of what needs to be done without the advanced training received by Six Sigma Black Belts. And since the payoff from early projects usually exceeds that of projects conducted later, you will get more than 80% of the benefit.

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