The Pyzdek Institute provides certified and accredited Lean Six Sigma training that allows people to learn more about the world of business. There are various “belts” that a person can train under. This includes being able to train as a white, yellow, green, or black belt.

The Level of Training

There will be a Lean Six Sigma methodology that is taught throughout the training. People will learn how to interpret the tools and use the various principles.

After the training, you will complete a real-world training project, which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge. You will be able to plan out a project, recruit, work within a team, work to obtain sponsors, and use a variety of technical tools.

Ultimately, it’s all about process improvement and excellence. You can improve your quality and learn more about the ways to enhance processes, which is important in the real world.

Obtaining the Certification

Once the course is complete, a person will earn continuing education credits (CEUs). If you need CEUs for a program or for your career, this is a great opportunity. Depending upon the level that you sign up for, you will receive between .4 and 18 CEUs.

Further, in order to receive certification, there will be a timed online exam that you will need to pass. Once you complete all of this, you will receive your certification, which will be a great addition to your resume.

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