How will you prove your value to a potential employer? New people pose both risk and opportunity. Present evidence towards opportunity, and there’s a higher chance of landing a job. A Six Sigma training certification on your resume will make you shine. Here’s why:

  • Global reputation: Since its development at Motorola in the mid 1980s, Lean Six Sigma has saved companies millions, even billions, of dollars. Most large corporations know what Lean Six Sigma is and what it has done for household names over the last three decades. When you apply what you know from a Lean Six Sigma certification, you’ll make a strong impact.
  • Highly quantifiable: There are many lofty theories regarding efficiency and customer relations. These peddled programs make big promises that some find difficult to realize during implementation. Private companies and public agencies that fully commit to Lean Six Sigma have historically made a huge return on investment. According to Six Sigma Daily, the U.S. Army has saved over $2 billion in costs, General Electric has saved $1.8 billion, and Allied Signal has saved $800 million.
  • They need you: Lean Six Sigma isn’t a one-man job. It requires active participation from everyone, and new hires will need to get up to speed quickly on the process. Lean Six Sigma is not something that anyone can pick up at a day-long seminar. Green and Black Belt certifications, the most meaningful, take many hours to complete from qualified schools. Employers need a full team of certified process engineers, accounting managers, and project managers with a trustworthy competence and attitude. With Lean Six Sigma training, you will be one of those people.

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