With computers, On Demand television, mobile phones, and fast food becoming our world more and more, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. When we want something, we want it now and waiting any longer is seen as an inconvenience.

But making improvements in your life isn’t something that you can get instantly. It takes work, dedication, patience, and an acceptance that you’re not going to see noticeable improvement every single day, and may even go backwards from time to time.

Short Term Gains Mean Short Term Stays

When we work on improving ourselves, trying to make a difference overnight can get noticeable improvement. However, that improvement is rarely something that sticks around for the long haul, and is almost always temporary.

Creating a plan using knowledge gained from Six Sigma Training takes time, but that time investment allows you to be more confident that the changes you make for the better are here to stay, and that while you may see less difference tomorrow, you’re shooting for a bigger improvement than instant solutions can dream of providing.

It Isn’t All About Improvement

As we strive to improve ourselves, we’re constantly yearning to see even the slightest improvement from yesterday. Those improvements help motivate us to continue improving in the future, but they won’t be a consistent sight. On your road to improvement, you’re going to have days where you can’t see improvement, or even find yourself moving backwards.

That’s okay!

While improvement is the end goal, being able to look at shortfalls and even failures as a way to motivate you to do even better tomorrow allows us to continue pursuing the end goal of greater improvement. So long as you’re taking each day as an opportunity to better yourself from the previous day, you’ll see yourself making an overall improvement.

For those days where you fail to live-up to your personal goals, instead of looking at that as being a failure, look at it as an opportunity to make tomorrow a resounding success. This idea is better for your mind, as well as your chances of overall success in your attempt to improve yourself.

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