Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a certification specifically designed for business professionals to excel across industries. As the driving force in any leadership position, Six Sigma Black Belts apply their skills to spearhead projects, boost customer satisfaction, and foster customer loyalty. Their leadership and teamwork skills are invaluable assets in achieving organizational objectives.

Achieving Mastery Through Black Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are created through focused training, promoting the most efficient and error-free business performance. Challenging, yet rewarding training is the path to true leadership and creating invaluable business professionals. The process begins with Six Sigma White Belt training and continues through Yellow, Green and finally achieving mastery at the Black Belt level. Lean Six Sigma students learn to identify valuable services and eliminate inefficient business practices, streamlining and strengthening an organization. Six Sigma Black Belts produce $1 million per year in improvements by evaluating and comparing projects to determine their benefits and disadvantages. They find the most rewarding and profitable outcome in any situation.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are a valuable benefit to any industry, Healthcare, Information Technology, Financial, Manufacturing and many others are enhanced and made more efficient with premier level training. Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are among the ranks of upper management, joining the power players and decision makers who control the modern business world. Industry recognized certification makes them stand out to prospective employers as a worthy investment.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts also give back as mentors and coaches to Green Belt co-workers guiding them from within the company. Developing Green Belt talent reinforces Six Sigma principles and promotes efficient business decisions. Black Belts continue their education through ongoing training to keep their skills relevant in a changing business environment. Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are a tremendous asset, they possess the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to thrive in any business environment.

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