Lean Six Sigma training can help any business identify bottlenecks and other jams within the total business process. This training program combines two effective managerial tools: Lean and Six Sigma. Each of these programs is designed to help businesses eliminate wasted expenses and to improve productivity. Being trained in this method allows managers and employees the opportunities to find inefficiencies and that abilities to propose ideas that can reduce or dispose of those problems.


Lean is a tool available to businesses that is designed to help eliminate wastes during the manufacturing or service processes. The Lean method identifies waste as any use of resources that is not used for producing a product or service for consumers as wasteful. This states that all resources of a business that are consumed should be used for producing a product or service for customers.

Lean provides businesses the tools necessary to identify these wastes and ways to help eliminate them. Because this process removes wastes, businesses are improving efficiency with time and costs concurrently.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is similar to Lean in that it offers businesses a way to reduce costs and inefficiencies. It differs in that it focuses on finding errors in production and removes variations in manufacturing and business processes. Six Sigma is designed to get businesses on track for producing consistent products that are the same between each unit. It focuses on taking key data from these processes and using statistical analyses to find where improvements can be made. Six Sigma encourages and supports dedication to the business from every employee and manager in the company.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma combines these two methods into a powerful tool that helps businesses establish an efficient and productive process. By utilizing the waste elimination of Lean and the error reduction of Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma provides two fronts for maintaining costs and for improving efficient time use.

Lean Six Sigma is designed to use each focus from both systems as complements of each other. This allows for Lean Six Sigma to be more effective than Lean or Six Sigma training alone. Combining these two tactics allows businesses to find the best procedures possible through every process of the business. It helps to stimulate management processes, to focus manufacturing processes, and to maintain consistent customer service.

Lean Six Sigma training is powerful and effective for business looking to reduce costs and improve production. It combines two different business tools into one that benefits from both. This training is designed to show managers and employees where to find waste in production, errors in manufacturing, and variations of products and management. By identifying these problems and solving them, a business controls costs and improves time spent.

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