Manpower is a temporary agency that offers soft skills training to their employees. Why? Manpower knows there are companies and different industries that use Six Sigma techniques and Manpower wants their employees to be knowledgeable of this. Six Sigma originated in the 1980s at Motorola, and the lean production system was used at Toyota. If your company believes in having minimal errors and strives on continuous improvement while achieving long-term profitability, your employees will benefit in Six Sigma, and/or Lean training.

Problem-solving skills

Six Sigma Training  helps improve problem-solving skills and deals with the understanding of statistics and trying new methods to continuously improve products or services. Employees can apply the five techniques that Six Sigma uses to solve problems, which are: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC). Most companies strive to maximize quality while minimizing errors in the workforce bringing the best product and/or services to their customers. This key factor helps companies to increase their profit.

Having a competitive advantage

Six Sigma’s rule is producing no more than 3.4 defects per one million opportunities. With a record that good, your company can gain customers trust in quality and reliability. Some industries such as manufacturing, banking, and electronics rely on Six Sigma techniques because they can’t afford to make errors. This is one why more companies should have employee’s knowledgeable about Six Sigma techniques. Employees might not realize the significance of having a minimal amount of errors.


Being able to say that you are Green Belt or Black Belt certified in Six Sigma is a great accomplishment, and it looks good on your resume. People who know the Six Sigma techniques can take pride in knowing they are helping to produce quality products and/or service. They won’t have to deal with as many angry customers, and they can talk highly of their company.

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