It’s no secret that both civilian and government organizations benefit from Six Sigma training. However, according to a recent article in the Quantico Sentry, one branch in particular is embracing the Lean Six Sigma methodology in full force.

Both the Navy and the Marines began implementing Lean Six Sigma around 2006, the article states. Since then, Marines and civilian Marines at Quantico have bought into the organizational tool so completely that its benefits in providing quality products faster and for less money can be found in nearly segment of operations. This is largely due to the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the Regional Contracting Office (RCO). Sion Weaver, a Lean Six Sigma specialist for the Marine’s Business Performance Office, stated that “everyone depends on the RCO” for help in procuring mission needs. Thanks to Lean Six Sigma, the office has instituted improvement efforts that make the files that its customers need more accessible.

The Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) office has also used the methodology to improve its capabilities. Other commands who have sent personnel to receive training in Lean Six Sigma include the Installation Personnel Administration Center and Safety Division, Weapons Training Battalion, and the Headquarters and Service Battalion. Weaver’s office, the BPO, provides this training at the base in order to improve performance and make operations more effective.

By 2009, Weaver explained, 82 percent of Fortune 100 companies were also using Lean Six Sigma, showing it to be a versatile tool in taming the costs and increasing the quality for both the public and private sectors.

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