In the book Cheaper by the Dozen, two children of the famed Gilbreth family recount their various adventures growing up with their parents, Frank and Lilian, who were pioneers of efficiency in the workplace. Their stories include hilarious anecdotes about family vacations with bathing and changing schedules for 12 children, learning German while on the toilet so as not to waste all the minutes spent in the bathroom, and ‘bidding’ on household chores to see who would take the least pay to do the most work.

While so many of their experiences recounted are light-hearted and a little facetious, what they were experiencing in the microcosm of their family has become a world-wide phenomenon.

Frank and Lilian’s attempt to streamline a hectic family was a reflection of their passion to understand what makes a business, or industry, efficient, competitive and reliable. Since their time, these techniques have evolved from the machinist’s floor of Toyota, to healthcare and software engineering industries. Now known as Lean Management, or as Six Sigma, the application of these commonsense, but revolutionary practices in disparate industries has proven their effectiveness.

By using Lean Management and the Six Sigma strategies, businesses are strengthening their products, decreasing costs, and empowering employees.

The Pyzdek Institute, founded by Thomas Pyzdek, offers Lean Management training for all levels. Whether you are a CEO, manager, or entrepreneur, this system, refined by decades of research and field testing, can strengthen your business no matter what your field.

Because this system and philosophy have proven so effective, more people are seeking to understand what Frank Gilbreth knew and used to raise a happy, healthy ‘dozen’ children.

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