Can Six Sigma work for public education?

Because lack of funding for education is an ongoing issue, the time is right to apply Six Sigma principles in a school setting.

Lean Six Sigma Training by Thomas Pyzdek integrates the Lean and Six Sigma bodies of knowledge into comprehensive systems that provide value for customers. For school administrators, Lean Six Sigma means reducing waste in support systems so that you can redirect crucial dollars into the classroom.

While the top priority of any school is educating students, the school is also a business that must make efficient use of available funds. How can the school staff and support services be organized to reduce waste and increase productivity?

Here are some areas where educators can apply Lean Six Sigma:

  • Flow of information. Are record keeping processes streamlined so that student data is secure, accessible to those who need it, easily updated, and free from errors? Can paperwork processes be simplified so that more time is available for direct service to students?
  • Office costs. Does the administrative office make the best use of technology to reduce printing and paper costs?
  • Inter-department cooperation. Are tasks duplicated because departments are not communicating? How can a review of processes using Six Sigma streamline workflow and interaction between departments?
  • Staff deployment. Do you have the right number of support staff assigned to high need areas? How can staffing be revamped to deliver service to instructional staff more efficiently?

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