Six Sigma Project Presentations in a Nutshell

Article Revised: March 29, 2019

I’ve reviewed thousands of improvement projects. I’ve lost count of how many project presentations I’ve attended, either for certification purposes or for presentations to leaders. I’ve come to the conclusion that most Green Belts and Black Belts simultaneously present too much information, and not enough information. If I may speak to Green Belts and Black Belts on behalf of leaders and Master Black Belts everywhere, here’s what I’d like to say. What we’re asking is actually very simple, namely how did you apply the Six Sigma process to pursue a real opportunity? In other words, for your project just walk us through the L-1 Six Sigma process shown in the figure, and do so in 45 minutes or less. I actually don’t even care if you use a PowerPoint template, or even if you have any slides whatever. I just want to hear a great Six Sigma success story.

The Six Sigma Process
The Lean Six Sigma Process (L-1)

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