Six Sigma is the perfect management training tool for the modern marketplace. HiPower Systems, (a company that builds power distribution equipment and power generation equipment for sale throughout the USA and Canada), plans to expand its Six Sigma Training program; since it’s already seen improvements in key performance indicators like first pass yield, on time delivery and waste reduction. In addition, Six Sigma is improving a variety of businesses in different ways all over the country.

The New Marketplace

The modern business climate has changed. Instead of striving only for profits and reputations, businesses must now strive for:

  • Symbiotic relationships between employees from dynamically different backgrounds
  • A symbiotic relationship with both its brick and mortar community and its online community, and
  • Eco-efficiency

Inter-Office Communication

The Millennial Generation has entered the workforce and many employers have seen new things; like parents sending in resumes for their young adult children and calling in to speak with managers and supervisors about them. This generation is also more socially and technologically different than any generation before it, creating many opportunities to bridge gaps and increase understanding.

The Interconnected World

Generation Y is not the only generation that expects efficient processes within the landscape of social media and the web. Facebook has 1.19 billion active users and Twitter has 230 million active users, (that send out 500 million Tweets a day); and these are just two of the several thriving social media networks.

Recent studies state that consumers expect a seamless customer service experience on all platforms and through all modes of contact. How well is your business meeting this demand and providing a positive, “multichannel experience,” for your customers?


Historically, businesses are some of the largest contributors to environmental damage. Not only must businesses streamline things like efficiency and waste management to meet national and local regulations, many customers now seek to patronize businesses that are doing their best to practice environmental care and conservation in all ways.

Six Sigma Training gets at the core of whatever stagnancy or problems you are experiencing within your organization. When causes are unknown, yet there’s a consistent problem or set of problems dominating daily or weekly routines, Six Sigma breaks down complicated situations, exposing the places where change is necessary.

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