Recent college graduates are entering the workforce in record numbers and with greater qualifications, which makes finding work and succeeding at work more challenging than it has ever been before. In an effort to stand out from the pack, college graduates, and new employees are earning certifications and participating in advancement training, but where is the value? Too many of these certifications are based on conjecture instead of real data. Lean Six Sigma Training offers certifications that help individuals succeed at their companies by utilizing a proven approach that is grounded in statistical analysis.

A Six Sigma certification provides individuals with a new skill set that makes it possible to identify defects in manufacturing or businesses processes, remove these defects, and develop a statistical method for quality management. This training will give individuals the opportunity to understand what business problems look like in the real world and how to tackle these problems in a way that benefits business.

In the business world, Six Sigma Training can help an employee move from an entry-level employee to a mid-level or even high-level executive in a matter of months. This training provides employees and executives with a method for finding solutions for major problems within a business. Whereas other certifications may offer general guidelines on how to “best” solve a problem, Six Sigma Training utilizes statistical analysis and a proven method to work through unique problems and arrive at a solution that is specific to the employee’s or executive’s business.

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