With the goal of eliminating waste in a manufacturing or business process, the Pyzdek Institute offers a unique approach to streamlining via Six Sigma. Coupled with the Lean method, this approach provides a formidable set of techniques and tools for minimizing variability in a data set, increasing chances for a favorable outcome. How can Lean Six Sigma improve my business?

  1. Better leadership makes for better employee engagement and better output
  2. Education of team members and leaders within organization can be viewed as an investment in the business’s bright future
  3. Six Sigma implementation pushes business to new heights of achievement through continuous improvement by reducing wasteful processes
  4. Gain advantage over competitors by cultivating innovation and creativity within your business as a matter of course
  5. Better quality control of business output from minimization of statistical variability
  6. Bolster company profits by introducing Six Sigma projects — reported savings per project average around $150,000

Why choose the Pyzdek Institute for Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification?

  1. Access to free webinars conducted by Thomas Pyzdek, followed by open forums
  2. Potential qualification for the Lifetime Learning Credit on your tax return
  3. Absolute coverage of Six Sigma knowledge as defined by International Association for Six Sigma Certification
  4. Convenient online access to storyboards, narrated lessons, and quizzes pertaining to Six Sigma training
  5. Extensive and detailed quality training techniques developed by Thomas Pyzdek
  6. Familiarity with a newer, more effective approach to the DMAIC methodology of Six Sigma

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