Atlas Research has a new senior vice president by the name of Keith Phillips. The company — which is an integrated health solutions and research firm — also named Phillips a subject matter expert for enterprise and business unit level organizational transformation and operational improvement. Included in Phillips’ lengthy resume? Lean Six Sigma training, of course.

Phillips, who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, and a Master’s in Manufacturing Management, has worked for companies including General Motors, SAIC and RWD Technologies. He has led projects for the Department of Energy, the Department of Health and Human Service’s Hospital Mortgage Insurance program, the Surgeons General of the Army and Navy, and the Veterans Health Administration. Phillips has also developed quality and performance strategies for clinical processes at Department of Defense-run hospitals. For fifteen years, he worked for the strategic and technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, where he led Lean Six Sigma projects for federal civil and defense clients.

The president of Atlas Research expressed that the company is thrilled to have Phillips join the firm, and that his experience will be a tremendous value to the clients as well as to the business.

Keith Phillips is yet another successful person who has put his Six Sigma training to good use, both in furthering his own career as well as positively impacting the companies he works for and the clients they serve. While it’s not the only aspect of one’s training needed for success, Lean Six Sigma certification certainly provides an edge.

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