According to a recent article from Industry Week, quality training for suppliers and quality incentives and training for staff can provide an important financial value to organizations.

The reasoning for providing quality training to suppliers, the article states, is that it creates a common language between the organization and its external partners. It helps suppliers to understand the impact of defective products or delays. A unified focus on the customer allows for greater financial success.

The same concept of common language and understanding applies to those working within the organization, as well. The provision of quality programs such as Six Sigma training helps employees to not only understand their role in creating quality for the customer, but it also increases their competency in doing so. A recent study has shown that, while it might seem logical for all employees to receive quality training, the best return of investment can be found in those companies who invest in training for quality-related staff and those who request it. The study also found that customer-value related concepts — including Six Sigma — offered the highest financial benefits to companies.

The article also stated that there is financial reward to be had for providing incentives to employees that meet critical quality targets. By providing formal recognition of quality goals being met and tying it to employee performance, organizations see a faster cultural change, the article stated. A study found that manager recognition was the incentive that provided the greatest financial benefit and provided excellent tools for engaging and motivating employees.

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