Knowledge from Knowledge

While Six Sigma training is a staple in the professional world, it is also an investment of time, money, and personal resources. For professionals, verification of a program’s legitimacy and value is a determining factor. Looking at where a program stems from, the background, methodologies, and mission behind the creators, is a great resource in choosing an appropriate training venue.

Thomas Pyzdek, founder of The Pyzdek Institute, is a pillar in the professional community. While Pyzdek has received numerous awards, including the ASQ Edward’s Medal and Simon Collier Quality Award, his accomplishments truly shine within his admired writings including The Six Sigma Handbook, The Quality Engineering Handbook, and The Handbook of Quality Management. Along with these texts, Pyzdek holds over 50 copyrights used across the nation, as well as internationally, in various universities and organizations.

For professionals venturing into the Pyzdek program, this background is an epitome of success, speaking to the legitimacy of the program.

An Accessible Resource

The true success and innovation behind The Pyzdek Institute lies within its accessibility for professionals of all means and resources. For students currently working full-time or with family obligations, a bulk of the training can be completed online. Via the Pyzdek Institute, Six Sigma education and knowledge is easily accessible on an at-home computer or even at through public resources, such as a library or university computer lab.

With that said, the online training is also paired with access to professional coaches and tutors enlisted through Thomas Pyzdek’s extensive network of contacts. This collaboration between self-study and in-person support creates a learning experience that can be tailored to meet the needs, schedule, and level of the student.

Honor in the Name

Once training is completed and a certification obtained, it’s time to embrace your new skills within the professional world. Simply put, sink or swim. With training and certification obtained through the Pyzdek Institute, your reliability is cemented in stone. Thomas Pyzdek is highly respected, therefore students who graduate from the program have a solid background that employers recognize as reliable.

This is truly the bread and butter of receiving a Six Sigma training from the Pyzdek Institute.

Pyzdek Institute is a high-quality, easy access online resource for Six Sigma training and certification. Founded by Thomas Pyzdek, author of the Six Sigma Handbook, the Pyzdek Institute offers the ease of either a self-study or guided program using Pyzdek’s knowledge and extensive network.

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