In the spirit of lean manufacturing, let’s cut to the chase. You know that Six Sigma is the gold standard for quality and process professionals. Having a belt certification goes a long way as far as increasing your odds for landing a job with higher pay. The question isn’t, “Should I get a Six Sigma Certification?” The question is, “Where should I get it from?” There are lots of options for obtaining a Six Sigma Certification. The Pyzdek Approach to Lean Six Sigma is an excellent choice for obtaining your certification, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Earning Your Keep. We’ve established that Six Sigma Certified employees earn more than other quality professionals without the certification (over $16,000 more a year). Why is that? It’s because they bring bigger benefits and savings to their companies. Learning Thomas Pyzdek’s approach to DMAIC will allow you to work more effectively for your company, as well as outshine your competition.
  2. Software is Key. When you get a certification through Pyzdek, you will learn to utilize the most commonly used quality software. There won’t be an IT learning curve when you start at a new company. Being able to efficiently and intuitively use tracking software is essential for any quality professional.
  3. Cheap Has Two Meanings. You pay for what you get. Pyzdek isn’t the cheapest game in town, but for the value you receive, they’re the best around.

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