Recently, Forbes published an interview Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ginger White, who works for the diesel engine manufacturer Cummins. As a master black belt, White is responsible for delivering Six Sigma training to other employees and ensuring that they troubleshoot or design processes to Six Sigma standards. After obtaining her own Six Sigma Black Belt, White held several senior positions at Cummins. According to the interview, she found that she was so passionate about her black belt training that she wanted to help others train, as well.

Cummins first implemented its Six Sigma program in 2000, according to the company’s website. Since then, 11,000 employees have been trained to use Six Sigma principles on the job and the company has saved $3.4 billion as a result of Six Sigma projects. In addition, Six Sigma techniques have saved more than $780 million for Cummins customers. Cummins also uses Six Sigma in community impact projects, helping community and non-profit organizations to address critical issues efficiently.

The Six Sigma methods have proven very effective for Cummins, and they can be very effective for the business you work for, as well. Further, if you undergo black belt training in order to lead Six Sigma processes at your place of business, you will increase your value at your company and have an important, salary-increasing addition to your resume. In fact, survey results show that employees with Six Sigma black belt certifications earn an average of $16,500 more than their non-certified counterparts.

Becoming a Six Sigma black belt makes great sense, for you as well as for the business you work for.

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