Three Key Benefits of Six Sigma Training to Organizations

Article Revised: March 28, 2019

Initially, six sigma functioned as a tool for reducing waste and costs associated with production. Over time, it evolved into one of the most important strategies that businesses use to produce goods as per the customer’s specifications.

Most companies enroll their employees for six sigma training to improve business effectiveness. Through training, employees become efficient problem solvers and increase a company’s productivity in the years to come. Some other ways six sigma training benefits an organization include:

1. Improved customer loyalty

The primary goal of a business is to get a strong customer base, which is only possible through high customer retention. The main reason customers fail to return to a business is dissatisfaction. Enrolling your employee for six sigma training sharpens their customer relations skills and boosts their clients’ retention power, which helps create a solid customer base.

2. Improved time management

Implementing six sigma training for your business boosts your employees’ time management capabilities, hence optimized business activities. Employees who manage their time properly result in a more efficient business and more goal focused organization. Training achieves this character in three critical areas: performance, learning, and fulfillment.

3. Reduced production time cycle

Most of the time, projects extend past deadline due to constant changes halfway the production or shift in management policy. Six Sigma training ensures streamlined production. It helps in setting up a team of experienced employees from every department tasked with ensuring every factor is under consideration before production begins and in the course of production to eliminate any glitches.

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