Although every project is unique, most Six Sigma projects which use the DMAIC framework have many tasks in common, at least at a general level. Many people find it helpful if they have a generic “template” they can use to plan their project activities. This is especially true when the Black Belt or Green Belt is new and has limited project management experience. Table 1 can be used as a planning tool by Six Sigma teams. It shows typical tasks, responsibilities and tools for each major phase of a typical Six Sigma project.

Charter Project
Identify opportunity for improvementBlack Belt
Identify sponsorBlack Belt
Estimate savingsBlack Belt
Draft project charterBlack Belt, Sponsor
Sponsor project review (weekly)Sponsor, Black Belt
Team SelectionSponsor, Black Belt
Complete project charterBlack Belt
Team trainingBlack Belt, Green Belt
Review existing process documentationTeam Member, Process Expert
Define Project Objectives & PlanTeam
Present Objectives & Plan to ManagementGreen Belt
Define & map As Is ProcessTeam, Process Expert
Review & re-define Problem, if necessaryTeam
Sponsor review 
Identify CTQsGreen Belt, Black Belt
Collect data on subtasks and Cycle TimeTeam
Validate measurement systemBlack Belt, process operator
Prepare baseline graphs on subtasks/cycle timeBlack Belt, Green Belt
Analyze impacts, e.g., subtasks, ANOM, Pareto …Black Belt, Green Belt
Use sub-teams to analyze Time & Value, risk management 
Benchmark other companiesTeam Member
Discuss sub-teams’ preliminary findingsTeam
Consolidate sub-teams’ analyses/findingsTeam
Present Recommendations to Process Owners and OperatorsSponsor, Team
Review recommendations/formulate pilotTeam, Black Belt
Prepare for improved process pilotTeam, Process Owner
Test Improved Process (Run pilot)Process Operator
Analyze Pilot & ResultsBlack Belt, Green Belt
Develop Implementation PlanTeam, Process Owner
Prepare Final PresentationTeam
Present Final Recommendations to Management TeamGreen Belt
Define Control metricsBlack Belt, Green Belt, Process Expert
Develop metrics collection toolBlack Belt
Roll-out Improved ProcessProcess Owner
Roll-out Control MetricsProcess Owner
Monitor process monthly using Control MetricsProcess Owner, Black Belt
Table 1:Typical DMAIC Project Tasks and Responsibilities

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