The University of Dayton recently announced that it had successfully incorporated the principles of Lean Six Sigma into a number of its operations and that the students would soon have the opportunity to obtain the same Six Sigma training that was provided to its faculty.

The university’s director of its School of Engineering’s Center for Competitive Change described Lean Six Sigma not as a program, but rather as a “never-ending process of improvement activities within an organization.” Some of the Lean Six improvement activities that the university has undertaken thus far include one in the bookstore that enabled them to reduce the number of textbook returns by five percent thus freeing employees up to help other customers, as well as another in the university’s dining hall that consolidated salad prep so that the dining services staff would be able to serve in more locations. The school has also used Lean Six Sigma principles to reduce their printing costs. The ultimate plan is to eventually expand the initiative to 200 areas of the university.

Lean Six Sigma doesn’t just work for universities. It works for all businesses who wish to increase their efficiency; cut out wasted efforts, wasted time and wasted money; and improve the services they offer to their customers. You don’t need to attend a university in order to obtain Lean Six Sigma certification and learn these valuable skills. You can get your certification online, learning from the man who wrote the book on Six Sigma: Thomas Pyzdek.

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