The Pyzdek Institute specializes in offering training and certifications to professionals who are interested in the Six Sigma methodology. Obtaining one of these certifications will make you a more valuable and efficient employee and will benefit your business or employer.

This is the promise a lot of professional training systems make, and choosing the right course or certification can be difficult. What sets Six Sigma apart from other methods?

Six Sigma is about improving the way your organization does things. Everything is based on statistical analysis so there is no room for guesswork and nothing is left to chance. Six Sigma is also based on a proven approach that has already benefited a lot of businesses.

There is a lot of buzz around analytics and an increasing number of businesses are investing in software and tools designed to collect data for their different businesses. However, a large number of businesses do not get a good return on this investment since the data is never actually used to improve things and solve problems.

This is where Six Sigma training will make a difference. This system teaches you how to use analytics to identify problems and develop relevant solutions. You will also learn how to implement these solutions and get results. The methodology behind the Six Sigma system is geared towards helping your organization save money, become more efficient and increase customer satisfaction.

The Pyzdek Institute offers a number of courses you can take to master the Six Sigma methodology and get results. The training is organized in different levels or ‘belts’ so you can progress one step at a time.

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