Like many goal-driven individuals, I opened a small business. Staying afloat was, at times, incredibly difficult. I fought through, faced financial struggles, employee strife, and even a flood that nearly wiped out my young business entirely. Things leveled out though and my business grew steadily. Then we hit a wall. I knew I needed to make a change. That’s when I looked into Six Sigma Training for small businesses.

My customers are the most important aspect of my business, so I knew I needed to keep them safe. I also knew I couldn’t risk more than what I was willing to lose. Keeping this in mind, I decided I could devote one day of my best employee’s workweek to Six Sigma projects. It wasn’t an overnight process but, you know what, it worked.

Soon I had to hire more employees just to keep up with business. With more people around the building, I was able to devote more of their time to Six Sigma projects. Instead of putting more on my best employee’s back, I spread out the projects amongst my most productive workers. With multiple Green Belts working on various projects, Six Sigma culture spread throughout the workplace. My employees learned from one another and taught each other; they influenced each other’s projects.

And guess what, my business is continuing to grow. After acquiring the proper training, my most skilled and passionate Green Belt became a Black Belt. She now leads larger, more in-depth projects. I don’t think I could have made my business what it is today without Six Sigma Training.

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